Savage Collection Women’s


Beta is the first state of transformation. Anyone who is struck by the curse, or is bitten by a werewolf, starts from this state, which despite being the least powerful, is the most dangerous, because a beta is unreasonable, has no control and therefore uses all the aggressiveness which it possesses only to do harm and destroy everything. Who wears the products of this collection, knows perfectly to be terribly dangerous.


An Omega is a loner, without a pack, but if it is part of it, it makes all werewolves physically stronger and faster. Despite being however aggressive and brutal, it is the most peaceful and reasonable of transformations. Intelligence and courage are the characteristics of an Omega, it manages to control the beast that is in him, but if it loses control it increases the strength considerably reaching the level of an Alpha.


An alpha is the leader of the pack, the strongest, the most aggressive, the most ruthless, the most feared. Whoever wears the Alpha Soul collection, knows he is dominant and unscrupulous, increases strength, speed and intelligence.