Become a Savage Athlete

Join the Pack. Apply today!

We will select individuals who respect our choice parameters. Your applications will be reviewed thoroughly, and so will your social media. Our team is looking for motivated individuals who have a passion for fitness and our brand, and who are ready to join the SavageLycan pack as Ambassador. We don’t care about the numbers, no matter how many followers you have, we look for who is ready to devote himself with passion and grow with us, helping us with sales, with visibility and with the publication of content.

Note: new Ambassadors do not receive free products. Ambassadors earn commission based on # of times their unique codes are used on our website. If the only reason you’re applying is for free products or money, this program is not for you.


– 25% Lifetime discount.

– 15% Custom Discount Promo code for friends and followers.

– 15% Cash Commission for every sale made (PayPal Required).

– Ambassador-Only Exclusive Giveaways.

– Early Access to our new and upcoming collections.


– 1/2 minimum photo or video content for month. Obviously more content you provide, the better for the partnership.

– The contents must be of quality, in which the product is clearly seen in detail

– Make the brand and our pages known to as many people as possible, inviting them to follow us. Because they could be potential future buyers.

Apply and send us your desired discount code (15% off) to post on  your IG bio for you and your followers to use.


The elite Ambassadors of the brand will be called THE ALPHA ATHLETES!
What are the special benefits and bonus?

– 1/2 free products per month

– Increase of the Ambassador discount percentage

– Increase of the promo discount percentage for followers and friends

– Increase in the percentage of earnings per commission for each product sold

– Exclusive and preview access to the new upcoming collections

How to become ALPHA ATHLETE?
The elite ambassadors are chosen on the basis of accurate selection parameters. So they have an exclusive selection system, but every Savage Athlete can aspire to become an ALPHA ATHLETE based on these parameters:

– Considerable number of sales with your own promo code

– Budget invested for the brand’s products thanks to its Ambassador Exclusive Code

– Quality and quantity of the content provided (posts, stories, photos, videos)

– Amount of followers and friends that you lead to follow our pages

If you adhere to these guidelines, you can definitely join the exclusive pack of ALPHA ATHLETES!

Good luck! Unleash your bestial instinct!